MBTI Tests and Resources


MBTI Tests:

HumanMetrics MBTI Test
Similarminds MBTI Type Test
Similarminds Word Pair Test
Keys2cognition Cognitive Function Test
PersonalityPathways Cognitive Style Invntory
MBTI Test from 16personalities.com
3D Psyche Test
Keirsey Personality Sorter
MBTI test from Kisa.ca
Greenlight Wiki Test
The Ultra Ultimate Personality Test
Brutally Honest MBTI Test
Insight Game Test
TeamTechnology.co.uk Test

MBTI Type Profiles:

from TypeLogic.com
from PersonalityPage.com
Bestfittype.com profiles
Knowyourtype.com profiles
SolitaryWalker’s NT Profiles
SolitaryWalker’s NF Profiles
Simulatedworld’s Profiles for Introverted Types
Simulatedworld’s Profiles for Extraverted Types

MBTI Resources & Links:

Introduction to MBTI from Wikipedia
Basics of MBTI theory and types
The Myers & Briggs Foundation
Careers by MBTI type
Type Statistics: WikipediatheAconas
Type Demographics from personalitypage.com
MBTI Types and Relationships from personalitypage.com
Compatibility by MBTI type
Best Fit Relationships from www.massmatch.com
MBTI types under stress (blog article)
Personality Junkie blog
Celebrity types
JavaScript Tool for Exploring Typological Space
The Enneagram and the MBTI

MBTI Research:

Google Scholar MBTI Studies
Correlation between MBTI scales and Big 5
TED talk: Neuroscience, Jungian Type and Mathematics
Your Brain on Type
Psychological Types of Gifted Adolescents.pdf (chart)
Dynamics of Personality Type by Linda Berens (google books)
Just Your Type by Paul Tieger (google books)

MBTI-Enneagram Correlations:

Correlations of MBTI and enneagram types 
PSTypes MBTI-Enneagram correlations
The Enneagram and the MBTI

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