The Vessel

Dee | 19 | INFJ

Being back at college is super great, you guys. I am so happy, and life is feeling like an adventure. The fact that I already have homework feels less like an adventure, but I’m still just feeling all around fantastic. I don’t necessarily have a whole lot of free time, but I’m learning how to manage my time better and make time for things that matter to me. That said, I really wanna be available to guys, and I want you to know I am. So if you ever need to talk to me about anything, don’t hesitate to send me a message. Fan mail might be best if anything you write to me is personal because I have been known to accidentally publish asks I meant to reply to privately. Anyway, I know this is random and out of the blue, and I know not a huge number of people are even interested, but I wanted to make it known anyway that I care and want to make time for you.



Kittens post naptime

there are tears running down my cheeks i cannot handle this amount of pure unadulterated cute someone send help

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